Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast Cycle Tour

July 30th to August 7th, 2011

Over the BC Day weekend and through the first week of August in 2011 Susan and I toured on Vancouver Island, Quadra Island, Texada Island, and the Sunshine Coast. This was, in some ways, a best-of reprise of a cycle camping tour we did in 1996 to the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, and some of the Gulf Islands. We re-visited some of our favourite places from that tour, 15 years later, and went to some places we'd never been before. And this time we stayed in B&Bs, inns, and lodges, and ate in restaurants - ahh, the privileges (and softness?) that come with aging.

Our photos from the tour are in a Flickr photo set.

The colour palette for this page is based on colours in some of the photos we took on the trip:

This is a work in progress, with sections being added as time and motivation permit. The page footer shows the date of the last update.

Vancouver to Parksville

Saturday 30-July-2011

Distance:124 km
Time:6:12 rolling, 12:00 total
Climbing:5315 ft


Parksville to Port Alberni and Back

Sunday 31-July-2011

Distance:166 km
Time:7:42 rolling, 10:45 total
Climbing:6460 ft

Parksville to Heriot Bay

Monday 1-August-2011

Distance:466 km
Time:6:54 rolling, 9:25 total
Climbing:3350 ft

Heriot Bay to Strathcona Park Lodge

Tuesday 2-August-2011

Distance:58 km
Time:3:18 rolling, 5:15 total
Climbing:2620 ft

Strathcona Park Lodge to Muchalat and Back

Wednesday 3-August-2011

Distance:122 km
Time:5:57 rolling, 11:15 total
Climbing:4300 ft

Strathcona Park Lodge to Powell River

Thursday 4-August-2011

Distance:102 km
Time:4:37 rolling, 8:15 total
Climbing:3030 ft

Powell River to Gillies Bay via Lund

Friday 5-August-2011

Distance:80 km
Time:4:40 rolling, ~10:00 total
Climbing:4900 ft

Gillies Bay to Powell River (Rest Day)

Saturday 6-August-2011

Distance:60 km
Climbing:2910 ft

Powell River to Vancouver

Sunday 7-August-2011

Distance:167 km
Time:8:20 rolling, 12:45 total
Climbing:7465 ft