Deux bras cassé


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Deux bras cassé

Deux bras cassé

If he had only stopped to make his quick release be in his favourite position he would have got to the round-about a minute after the crazy speeding driver who entered the round-about without looking (or slowing or yielding).


On Dec 12 Doug was riding from the bike shop in Plouzané where he had just bought a spiffy new Campagnolo Zonda rear wheel. He was only a km from home when he entered the round-about Pont de Bois. The car on his right who was supposed to yield appeared to be slowing. Doug was most of the way through the round-about when it clipped his rear wheel, and sent he and the bike flying. Doug spun 180 degrees and landed on his front in the roadway facing the way he had come. He heard the bike land behind him. He knew immediately that his right wrist should not be at that angle.

The driver who hit him, several other drivers and other witnesses came to his aid. They called the ambulance and the gendarms. After everyone was sure his head and neck were okay, they helped him off the road. The ambulance came and took him to the Cavale Blanche hospital in Brest. There he received excellent care but the bad news that he had also broken the scaphoid bone in his left wrist and so it will be in cast for 3 months. The right wrist has a compound break in the radius bone. It was operated on and is pinned.

Doug called me from the ambulance. I went to see him that evening and then our landlord, M. Balch, drove me to the hospital a further three times. He also accompanied me the first time I went to see the Gendarms.

Our medical insurance worked as expected. Doug was out of the hospital on Thursday, Dec 14. He made a statement at the Gendarms with the help of my host at IFREMER, Alain.

The bike is unfortunately pretty much totaled although you wouldn't know it at first glance. The frame is bent, both wheels, the derailleur and its hanger and the carbon fork must, of course, be replaced.

The driver is very sorry but what damage a minute or two of bad driving causes.

SADA with only two wrists takes longer to get dressed in the morning but the coffee gets made and Doug can feed himself bread and other finger food. Spoons, knives and forks are beyond him. Straws are invaluable. Doug did not hit his head; the helmet is unscratched. He has some road-rash on his knees but can walk without problem. Today we did the market and the walk out to SuperU just fine. I do all the paying and sometimes people try to hand packages to Doug..

Christmas will be duck and brussel sprouts, potatoes, wine and yule log but more on that in the next post.


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