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Our Christmas in France

Our observations of Christmas in a small town in France are that two things are important: Church and Food.



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In bloom in December

I don't know if it is always like this or simply due to the surprisingly warm fall we've had but the flowers here have not stopped.



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Cool Flickr Trick

Our photostream on a calendar:
(For the geeks, add date-taken-calendar to the url of a flickr photo stream.)

Click on any the photos on the calendar and you'll get a view of all the photos taken that day.

Cool or what?


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Deux bras cassé

Deux bras cassé

If he had only stopped to make his quick release be in his favourite position he would have got to the round-about a minute after the crazy speeding driver who entered the round-about without looking (or slowing or yielding).



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New Photos!

Sunset at the alignment de Lagatjar

There's a few new photos in our Flickr stream from our adventures over the past 3 weeks.


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Susan just left for her weekly session of hill intervals chanting, "If it ain't rainin', it ain't trainin'". It's a fast changing Breton day here, with alternating periods of sunshine, and cold rain, but with an overall cold bite in the air.

Me, I'm still waiting for my ribs to heal after a crash 3 weeks ago, and somebody has to go to Les Caves du Corps du Garde for some bottles of wine...

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