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Life has been pretty busy since we returned from England on the 2nd of September.


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Artichoke Season!

Artichoke Season

Big, meaty artichokes started appearing at the market a week or so ago. They're €0.50 to €0.90 each. With some homemade black butter sauce for dipping they make a terrific appetizer.


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Last week I received a letter (well actually my letter didn't come until Thursday but Alain my host received an email on Tuesday), to tell me I had to attend a medical appointment in Rennes. This is part of my Carte de Sejour or working in France... I'm not sure which. Anyway Alain very kindly called everyone to see if it was possible for me to visit the IFREMER doctor or a doctor in Brest. No go. A two hour train to Rennes was a must.


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