Hai Yun's Next Leg: Hawaii to Marshall Islands

Hai Yun is on the move again. Here’s the Google map of their continuing voyage. The green markers are the Hawaii to Majuro leg that they commenced on 23-Mar-08.

Position reports should be more accurate and regular for this leg thanks to Martin and Vivian’s gift of an Iridium phone with SMS, email, and voice service.

Update: 26-Mar-08
Thanks to some more accurate position data from James the Elder, I’ve tweaked the departure point for the Marshall Islands leg, and added a departure point from Victoria harbour (way back on 24-Nov-07). Zoom in close, if you’re interested! :)

Update: 6-Apr-08
There’s lots of detail to be seen if you zoom in on Hai Yun’s arrival moorage at Majuro.

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Hia Yun's Voyage to Hawaii

Jim called to report that he had made contact with Hai Yun on the shortwave. Having recently learned some ticks with Google maps, I decided to plot Hai Yun’s voyage from Victoria to Hawaii. Sadly b2evo won’t let me embed the map in a post, so click the link below. I’ll update it as Jim reports Hai Yun’s progress.

Google map. Particularly cool, I think, if viewed in hybrid mode.

6-Nov Position: Jim reported that radio communications were extremely difficult on 6-Nov the only position information he was able to get from Hai Yun was a latitude that he thinks was 23° 34.23′ north.

12-Nov: Hai Yun dropped anchor off the island of Molokai at 01:30 Hawaii time this morning. After it got light she proceeded to Honolulu and tied up at Ala Wai Yacht Harbour at 13:00 Hawaii time. Her voyage from Victoria covered 3126 nautical miles in 17 days.

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Kent's Bike Blog: Ivan Illich on Bicycles

Kent Peterson, has a nice post on his blog that quotes Ivan Illich on the relative energy and social costs of bicycles and other modes of transportation. Well worth a read…

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Cruise Cruise Baby

This very cool music video (genre nerdcore, or geek-rap ??) of an oceanography sampling cruise has been making the rounds of the ocean/atmosphere community with great acclaim. Susan sent it to me, but couldn’t seem to get around to blogging it.


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