Organizing Made Easy : LM 400

Doug and I organized the Lower Mainland 400 which ran May 23-24. We had the great fortune of a large number of people contacting us and volunteering. It was wonderful. Instead of the 30 hour marathon we have done to run the ride in the past we did a couple of (admittedly early) mornings. So special thanks to:

Ken W. : for taking the graveyard shift at the finish
Gary B. : for Pointe Vista control and pre-scouting food in the Cultus Lake area
Karen & Michel : for Pointe Vista control and scouting Thomas Rd (so new its not on Google satellite yet!)
Keith N. : for first shift at the finish and dragging 5 of us around the course for the pre-ride
Morgan H. : for the second shift at the finish and for testing the 400 as a newbie… though not for the names he called me : see elevation profile.
Susan B. : for sitting the hour at the start to welcome late comers (there were two) and for suggesting we do the pre-ride on Sunday

Also to club volunteers behind the scenes that just make it all work:
Jeff M. on equipment
Ali & Roger on the great blue box etc etc
Eric F. on web
Cheryl L. on database

And to Frances R., Harold B. for helping out on the day. And to Danika, Casey and Edward (and Barb) for making the first control so much fun.

Yes, one could ask what I actually did in the end. With this kind of help, signing up to run a ride will be more of pleasure and less of a duty.

P.S. the organizers day-of-event ride was 100 km in the sun and featured Milkshakes in Fort Langley.

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80 hours on the RM 1200 Route

The ride was beautiful, hard, easy, hot, cold, fun, difficult, inspiring, noisy, quiet — one can pack a lot into 1200 km! We did very well – finished 8 minutes ahead of our schedule.


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Rocky Mtn 1200 Plan and Execution

Our Rocky Mtn 1200 went extremely well - basically, we cruised it! :D Here’s a view of our spreadsheet plan for the event with our actual times in and out of the controls and our other planned stops.

Stay tuned for some analysis and opinions on these data, and some photo links.

Here’s Susan’s ride story.

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Lower Mainland 600 km -- Up the back side of the Coquihalla

It was an epic weekend for North American randonneurs. The first running of the Shenandoah 1200 was occurring in the east in record (90+°F) temperatures and on the west coast both the Seattle and BC Randonneurs were running 600 km rides into the Cascade Mountains in very low (1°C) temperatures. The SIR ride was 4 passes, ours was only one, but it was hard enough!


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Princeton Hell Week 200 #1

Princeton - Merritt - Lower Nicola - Princeton
4 August 2007

I could tell that it’s been almost 4 months since I’ve ridden a brevet when I was almost out the motel room door without my gloves… Back into the room, I dove into my bag for the 3rd last minute something or other. Consequently, I got to the start at the Princeton Chevron spot on 7:00 in time for Susan to hand me my route sheet and control card, and to hear Roger say, “Okay, let’s go!".


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