Kitchen Reno - Day 1

Alex and Nico arrived at 08:00 this morning to start “protection and deconstruction” on our kitchen renovation.

It’s been over 3 months in the planning, with countless visits to suppliers, a whole bunch of web research, and a lot of hours spent talking, measuring, writing specs, and creating a SketchUp model.

We took some before photos last week. Maybe they’ll make it to Flickr for posterity…

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Oyster Stew

We’ve enjoyed this recipe from a couple of times in the last week or 2. The fish shop on 4th has 8 oz tubs of fresh, Fanny Bay oysters at the moment. So we’re shorting on the oysters (recipe scaled to 2 people), but what oysters - 8 oz = 8 big, juicy monsters.

I make the recipe pretty much as written, perhaps a bit light on the cayenne in deference to Susan’s tender taste buds. Then I touch up my bowl with a few drops of Tabasco, and perhaps a grind of Szechuan pepper.

We’ve been pairing the stew with baguette, salad capresse, and a Chilean caremiere wine. Ahh, the deliciousness of simple foods.

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Bright Night Ride

Riding home from MEC early last evening we stopped to look at the light display on a house on W 10th just east of Burrard St. I suggested that we should go down to Beach Ave to see the hugely lighted tree there.

So, it was home for a quick supper of turkey cannelloni left over from Boxing Day dinner, and to pile on some warmer cycling cloths. I should have taken a camera, but didn’t, so it’s Flickr to the rescue.


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Catching Up

Pointe de St-Mathieu Silhouette

Prompted by invitations to submit some of our Flickr images to the Fortresses of the World and UNESCO - MAB Biosphere Reserves groups, I’ve uploaded a some of our images from France that, for one reason or another, we missed posting when they were taken. The one at left was taken by Susan when we visited Pointe de St-Mathieu lighthouse and abbey-remains with my parents in October. There’s also one of Fort Bertheaume for the fortresses group, and a few from a walk around Montmartre a few days later.

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A New Blog

After a 6 month hiatus from blogging we decided to start a new blog about our adventures closer to home (in contrast Paradocs Abroad that focussed on our 6 months living in France). This one probably won’t get the frequency of updates that Paradocs did ‘cause life just seems to be a lot busier in Vancouver than in Saint-Renan.


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