Christmas Eve Dinner

First course was a cheese plate:

  • 10 yr old Quebec cheddar
  • Tome d’abondance
  • a very runny Quebec brie
  • luque and nicoise olives
  • satsuma segments
  • Breton and water table crackers

with a glass of Rascal of the Vineyard red.

Main course was Pasta with Scallops and Lemon Butter from Donna Hay’s New Food Fast cookbook, and a lettuce and bell pepper salad, with Colli Trevigiani Sacchetto Prosecco. This is the first time we’ve had prosecco, and we really enjoyed it. It’s not as dry as the typical champagne, and more flavourful. Excellent value too!

Dessert (if we decide we have room later) is a little mincemeat pie from Capers.

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