Pizzas - 1 Conventional, 1 Not So Much

We made pizzas last night.

One was a perennial favourite of ours - a Margherita, and the other was inspired by the “French” pizza that one of my co-workers had for lunch last Tuesday at Tomato. Perhaps inspired is too strong a word; I didn’t really pay enough attention to Jon’s lunch other than to hear him call it a French pizza and mention that it had garlic and chèvre on it.

The Margherita is the classic Neapolitan pizza. We make ours with a tomato paste based sauce, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and freshly grated parmesan cheese. The fresh tomatoes add a special flavour.

For the French pizza we started by putting a whole clove of garlic in the oven on low heat to roast. It spent nearly an hour in there while we made the pizza dough, and did other bits and pieces of prep. For the sauce we made a medium thickness béchemal sauce flavoured with some chopped up parmesan rind, black pepper, and a chopped clove of roasted garlic. Topping for the pizza were the rest of the head of garlic, sliced green olives, sliced roasted red pepper, halves of marinated button mushrooms, crumbled chèvre, and chopped fresh tarragon.

It feels a little weird to make a pizza without using tomato sauce, but this one worked out well. It seemed to need to cook a little longer than the Margherita to get the crust to the right degrees of crispness. It is certainly a fragrant, flavourful pizza.

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