Hai Yun is Bound for Australia

Hai Yun is off on another adventure! Before they settle into shore life in Auckland, where the boys are enrolled in school (starting in February), and Max has accepted a job with Endace Ltd., they’re headed for Australia.

I’m adding daily positions as Max reports them to the Google map (or using magenta coloured markers. Their departure position from Marsden Cove is just a rough guess on my part until Max provides an exact position accurate now.

Updated 18-Jan-2009:
After a short stay at Coffs Harbour, NSW, Hai Yun is heading back to New Zealand. This time the map shows their daily positions with yellow markers.

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Roast Turkey and Gravy

CBC Radio’s Q aired this interesting method for roasting turkey under a wine and butter soaked piece of cheese cloth. There’s also a gravy recipe that use jam, or, alternatively, dry sherry or calvados.

May try it out for Christmas dinner this year at the Allen’s in Parksville. Stay tuned for results…

Updated 16:15 Chirstmas Day:

The turkey has been in the oven about an hour now. Basted 3 times already because it seemed to be drying out too fast in the initial 30 minutes. We’re using a thin old linen tea towel folded in half instead of cheesecloth. Also opted for calvados in the stock instead of jam in the gravy. Simmering stock smells fabulous.

Updated 19:30 29-Dec-2008:

The turkey was fabulous! It was a 6 kg fresh bird from Thrifty Foods (Alex Campbell - store brand, I think) and cooked to the requisite 170°C in 3.5 hr. The skin was a beautiful golden colour, and the meat was juicy, juicy, juicy - even the breast and drumsticks. When Susan carved it she said it was the juiciest turkey she had ever carved.

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Stuffing Recipe for Christmas

This is the recipe we are going to try this Xmas. More later after the taste test.

Updated at 16:15 Christmas Day

The stuffing is standing ready to go into the oven. The fruit mixture smells terrific as it’s being sautéed, and even better once it’s simmering with the stock.

Updated at 11:02 Boxing Day

Good. Sweet but salty. A lovely complement to the turkey. Recipe worked out to be enough for about 10 people.

At one point the recipe suggests using a 1 qt saucepan. Not sure where they got that. In order to fit you need at least 5 litres if not 8.

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